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Wayne Stargardt


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SIERRA WIRELESS, INC. (2017 to 2020)

Atlanta, Georgia

The public company is a provider of IoT Device-to-Cloud solutions, connectivity services and enabling devices.


Vice President, Network Operations and Engineering

Reporting to the Chief Operating Officer                                                                                                      

- Restructured the European network architecture to improve overall service availability from 98% to 99.92% by changing the redundancy strategy, upgrading critical equipment, strengthening the incident resolution process and working with roaming partners to improve their reliability.

- Migrated the core Home Location Registers (HLRs) in under twelve months, without impacting customers or interrupting services, to implement NFV virtualization, support new product launches, add capacity to support subscription growth, and replace end-of-life equipment.

- Integrated the Sierra Wireless and Numerex services technology teams to form global organizations for cloud development, network engineering and systems operations.

Introduced global processes and systems to improve project definition and planning, project management, and time reporting. Improved project schedule performance.

- Standardized the software development life cycle across three cloud development groups to leverage best practices in agile development, continuous delivery, and DevOps processes.

- Created a global network operations center function and led the company-wide standardization of operations processes, particularly for incident, problem and change management.

- Promoted and mentored functional leaders for both cloud and network engineering.

- Supported the initial launch of the strategic Ready-to-Connect (R2C) service offering with multiple integrated cloud and network engineering developments.

- Participated in the reorganization of the company-wide R&D function to provide unified management, efficient use of engineering resources, and facilitate the development of integrated solutions of devices and services.



NUMEREX CORP. (2010 to 2017)

Atlanta, Georgia

The public company was a provider of IoT/M2M connectivity services and vertical application solutions.


Senior Vice President, Engineering and Operations (2017)

Reported to the Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                       

- In addition to operations responsibilities, set the technology direction and execution at Numerex. Responsible for the development of Numerex’s services solutions, including the development of software applications and hardware products.

- Successfully stabilized the Company’s largest and most profitable vertical application business through a concerted program of refactoring, virtualization and rehosting on modern infrastructure.

- Was a key contributor to the sale of the Company to Sierra Wireless.


Vice President, Operations (2010-2017)

Reported to the Chief Executive Officer

- Improved overall service availability from 99.4% to 99.99% over three years, partly through extensive expansion of real-time monitoring.

- Consolidated four separate IT functions from acquisitions into a single, unified organization with common processes and procedures, and with cross-trained capability.

- Replaced the legacy in-house billing system with a modern Business Support System that supports subscription management and billing of complete IoT solutions, supports multiple carriers, and supports growth in the business while simplifying and accelerating operations.

- More than doubled the number of wireless carriers with which the company’s OSS and BSS are integrated.

- Replaced older, disparate computing and networking infrastructure in the geo-redundant data centers with a modern, high availability converged systems platform, and with a Layer 3-oriented, zero-trust networking architecture.

- Worked with Engineering to support the move to an agile development process by adopting a DevOps methodology using automation of to achieve continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD).

- Introduced a customer-oriented, ITIL-compliant process discipline using an ITSM automation application.

- Reduced the cost of providing services by $4 million annually, or 13%, while supporting growth in customers and subscriptions.



CURRENT ENERGY, LLP (2008 to 2010)

Dallas, Texas

The company was a privately-funded provider of energy management systems for commercial customers with a large number of smaller, energy-intensive facilities, particularly restaurant and convenience store chains.


Chief Technology Officer

Reported to the Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                       

- Managed all product strategy and definition, system architecture, hardware and software development, equipment manufacturing, and operations of the centrally monitored energy management system. Managed engineering development organizations in the United States and Russia.

- Authored the functional requirements specifications, and directed the engineering development of a new technology platform for the user interface, a restructuring of the automated controller programming process, an automated billing system for shared savings contracts, and a consolidated alarm processing system.

- Integrated the US and Russian development teams to use a common development process, common software development tools and infrastructure, and to work effectively on joint development projects.

- Transitioned acquired technology from Russian developers to the United States, including manufacturing of an energy management controller.

- Led the acquisition and relocation of a failed competitor’s servers and software intellectual property so that store operations of a major quick-serve restaurant chain continued uninterrupted.



RFM, INC. (2005 to 2008)

Dallas, Texas

The public company manufactured a broad range of wireless modules and components. Aleier, acquired in 2006, provided Enterprise Asset Management software for medium- to large-sized multi-site organizations.


Director of Marketing and Product Development, Aleier, Inc. (2006-2008)

Reported to the Division President                                                                                                                

- Developed several new customers using Aleier software integrated with wireless sensor networks to perform condition-based asset maintenance and energy monitoring, including instrumentation of a major Florida theme park.

- Led software development to evolve the Web-based application’s user interface to a Rich Internet Application (RIA) graphical interface, and to support real-time data acquisition from RFM wireless sensor networks.



SENSORLOGIC, INC. (2003 to 2005)

Addison, Texas

The company was a venture-funded start-up providing a web-based application platform for wireless telemetry in a wide range of vertical markets.


Vice President, Marketing

Reported to the Chief Executive Officer



WEBLINK WIRELESS, INC. (1996 to 2003)


Dallas, Texas

WebLink Wireless was the fourth largest paging carrier in the United States and had annual revenues of $110 million. WebLink was the second carrier to deploy a 2way paging network, which was the geographically largest terrestrial wireless data network in the world at the time. WebLink distributed its services through direct and indirect distribution channels, and WebLink was the dominant carrier for paging resold by major telecommunications carriers under their brand names (Carrier Services Division). WebLink was a public company that went private as part of a bankruptcy reorganization.


Senior Vice President, Sales (2002 to 2003)

Reported to the Chief Executive Officer


Senior Vice President, Carrier Services Division (1998 to 2002)

Reported to the Chief Executive Officer


Vice President, Marketing (1997 to 1998)

Reported to the Chief Executive Officer

Led the development of the Synapse Pager Card, the first embedded wireless communications add-on for Palm PDAs. Developed and managed the strategic relationships with Palm and with Motorola, provided direction for product development, and launched this PageMart exclusive product in multiple channels.


Vice President, PCS Business Development (1996 to 1997)

Reported to the Executive Vice President, PCS




Dallas, Texas

The company was a venture-funded start-up company developing a wireless radiolocation-based mobile data network. In addition to its unique low cost radio location and short message data communications technology, the company’s differentiated marketing approach was based on indirect distribution through VARs. The company’s communications services were targeted at vertical commercial fleet management applications and selected niche consumer applications. The company deployed its initial commercial network in Dallas and put its first customer on-line. The company was funded at over $25 million by private venture investors.


Vice President, Marketing                                                                                                                          

Reported to the Chairman of the Board, acting CEO and largest investor

       Managed the network design and successful deployment of both the demonstration network (Washington, DC) and the initial commercial network (Dallas, TX). Managed license filings with the Federal Communications Commission and contributed to Company filings in a successful rule-making proceeding.

       Turned around the troubled development program for the company’s demonstration network in Washington, DC. Managed activities of eleven engineering employees and several outside contractors (ten engineers). Successfully completed development and deployment of the network, which subsequently operated for 2½ years, twice the design objective.

       Served as Chairman of the Private Networks Subgroup of Telocator’s Mobile Data Working Group in support of 1992 filings with the FCC supporting PCS spectrum allocations. Charter member and active participant in the Portable Computer and Communications Association (PCCA) Wireless Modem Standards Committee.




Dallas, Texas

Formed from an acquisition of the Harris Data Communications Division, the company produced network communications gateway and controller systems, IBM 3270 compatible display systems and connectivity products for the IBM environment. These products were sold and supported directly to MIS departments in large organizations. The company had revenues of $200 million, over half of which were from outside the United States. The company was funded by institutional venture capital.


Vice President, Research & Development

Reported to the President and Chief Operating Officer

- Managed 75 hardware and software engineers in Dallas and Israel; directed new product development projects, including joint projects between Dallas and Israeli engineers; reorganized Israeli engineering operations to improve effectiveness, quality and accountability.

- Directed development of an X Windows 3270 gateway, a Unix-based SMB file server emulator, X.25 communications support, port of system to PC-based platform, and Novell networking for 3270 coax-attached PC's; all projects completed and introduced to market.




Dallas, Texas

Data Communications Division

The division produced network communications gateway and controller systems and IBM compatible display systems. The division had annual revenues of $90 million.


Vice President, Software Engineering (1988-1990)

Reported to Division Vice President and General Manager

- Directed system integration, test and release of new Unix-based network communications system, recovering slipping engineering schedule to meet release objectives.

- Directed development of product enhancements to support Novell networks, Macintosh computers, SNA Token Ring gateways, and source routing bridges.

- Negotiated and managed relationships with OEM vendors, including Unisys and Novell. Executed a technology cross-licensing agreement with Novell.

- Reduced annual turnover of 20 person engineering staff from 40% to 10% while improving schedule performance, teamwork and organizational efficiency.


Director, Network Systems (1987-1988)

Reported to Vice President, Sales & Marketing


Manager, Product Planning (1986-1987)

Reported to Vice President, Marketing


Manager, Market Planning (1984-1986)

Information Systems Sector, Melbourne, Florida

Reported to Sector Vice President, Marketing



BOOZ, ALLEN & HAMILTON, INC. (1979-1984)

Atlanta, Georgia

Senior Associate

Managed business and marketing strategy assignments for clients in several industries, including minicomputers, small business computer systems, information systems for trading securities, factory automation systems and automated teller machines.




Boston, Massachusetts

Master of Business Administration. Concentration in marketing.




Cambridge, Massachusetts

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Concentration in modern control theory.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Bachelor of Science in Management (Alfred P. Sloan School). Concentration in system dynamics.



November 2021